Do I really need to save all the documents in these boxes?

Well yes, maybe? For as long as you think, maybe? There are certain types of documents that need to be saved and some that do not. Some have a certain retain schedule that is different from others.

We would be happy to help you with that. If you schedule an appointment with us to come visit you, we can impart some wisdom. We will help you go through what types of confidential materials that you can be ready to destroy and which types need to be saved and for how long. Then, we will offer a simple and cost effective solution for shredding these materials. This way, you will free up space and have a much more secure and less cumbersome process in place moving forward.

Here at ShredHelp, I met with an existing client in Staten Island last week to have this discussion.They have used us periodically, but have never had an assessment on their inventory done. I helped them clear out space, feel more secure, and left them with a better understanding of how to handle their confidential papers moving forward.

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