It’s all in the name – ShredHelp, we know you need help.

You know the feeling, you walk through the cellar or storage door and it hits you like a ton of bricks. All these boxes, file drawers, bags, you name it, it’s everywhere. It’s dusty, the room is hot, forget it, I’ll put it off again. Don’t do that, give us a call at ShredHelp. For a low rate per pound, we will include the entire service. We will come in and collect everything for you. We will then transport the material outside to one of our waiting state-of-the-art mobile shredding trucks. Then, watch on a secure video monitor as we shred and destruct the material down to small particles. Then, all you need to save is one piece of paper. The Certificate of Destruction, that we will present to you, guarantees that all of your sensitive paper materials were securely destructed.

Is it pricey? The answer is surprisingly no. It’s an easy decision to make when you consider the time involved and all the back-braking work – then, you have to decide what to do with this paper, shred yourself, transport it to an off-site facility? Is that even secure? Do yourself a favor, call us today and take a long breath of relief.

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