Can we do our shredding offsite? What’s the difference, isn’t it cheaper?

Unbelievably, this is still a question for many HR, procurement, purchasing or facility management personnel. You also have some larger shredding outfits that have made changes to cater to this philosophy, going against the original mission statement that this industry was founded on. In this day and age, unfortunately, you have to be concerned about your own employees use of certain information. So now consider the prospect of having laborers come in and pick up your material, then transport it form A to B or A to B to C to D, do you know? Your documents could probably tell a harrowing story of where they’ve been, who touched them, maybe examined them… where they ended up? The idea of taking this material away from your offices before being destroyed defeats the whole purpose. At ShredHelp we had an example just last month in New York City. An organization using an off-site shredding company had to come to grips with the fact that the truck used to transport there intact material had an accident. There were papers strewn across the road. Can you imagine a more dangerous situation.Their company information, client information, etc. – literally blowing in the wind. They called us the very next day. Is all this worth it, to maybe save a few bucks?

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