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We are ShredHelp, and as a matter of policy, we try to help our customers stay ahead of the clutter. Additionally, building up proprietary materials presents a security concern as well. Ideally, you should only be retaining what needs to be kept for a period of time by law.

The best way to ensure this is to utilize our routine weekly/monthly service by depositing all your confidential materials into our office friendly security consoles. We never charge you for these units, only when we shred the contents. This service proves to be cost effective, secure, and will fully streamline this ever present issue for you and your company.

We will come and provide an initial clean-out of all material not needed to be kept. Then, we will start your regular console service ensuring you will be clutter free moving forward, while being compliant and protected. We have provided this solution to hundreds of area organizations and we couldn’t have a better reputation in the industry.

Give us a call today and come join our growing family of happy clients.

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