Here we go again, it’s tax season…

Here is a question, at what time of the year is your most sensitive, proprietary information at it’s most vulnerable? Yes, you guessed it, tax season. I’m calling out to all you CPA’s, tax accountants, and even individuals who do their own taxes. Whether you work for an organization or just handle your own affairs, do yourself a favor; make sure you properly shred all hard copy materials generated during this process. At this time every year there are dumpster divers, opportunists at landfills – all kinds of creative criminals that would love to get their hands on your personal information.
Here at ShredHelp we could not stress more that you need proper crosscut industrial shredders, in order to ensure complete destruction. Contact your local mobile shredding outfit today to guarantee a fast, painless and extremely efficient solution to this issue. You may have finished your tax preparation, but you are not “truly” finished until you have fully protected yourself.
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