Time to transform your office…

Does this sound familiar to you? Maybe once every few months, or once a year, you realize it’s time to call the shredding company you use and get a service – and right away please. Like many organizations, this tends to be an issue on the back-burner until it gets cumbersome and even a little dangerous. Yes, dangerous! If company information is kept loose on desks, in unlocked filing cabinets, or in boxes stored in the closet, this is very risky and the potential for a breach of data security is real.
Why would you want to risk a situation like that. Furthermore, why would you want to deal with this periodic pain-in-the-neck situation for any reason at all. At ShredHelp, we can fix this disconnect in your office. We make it simple, secure and cost effective. Security consoles are place in your office, utilized by your staff to have paper deposited/stored until we come on a regularly scheduled route to shred the contents. We can tailor this service to meet any need based on how much confidential material you generate.
Please give us a call today and we will explain further how this works. It is definitely time to transform your office, don’t you think?
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