How do we get back on track?

What I really mean is, on a less daunting, less world health crisis level, what is an extremely helpful way to start getting back to our work lives.

I just this morning got off the phone with a law firm in Paramus NJ. This gentleman went on to say that no one has really been in the office for the last 5 months or so. He had some concerns about clutter, security and safety. Part of this was the concern over the loose protocols for the handling of documents in their office. There seemed to be very little oversight.

So here is what I told him…

At Shredhelp, we would start by properly destructing all the files that are no longer needed, on-site, using one of our state-of-the-art mobile shredding trucks. Our guys would come in, fully outfitted with proper PPE, and do this collection for you using our sanitized collection totes. This way, you start up again clean and secure. Then, moving forward, depending on the size, staff and document output at your office, we place security consoles in convenient areas within your office space. Your staff simply places all their day to day sensitive documents that can be shredded, in these consoles. Then we come on a convenient route schedule to destroy these files for you in the same on-site secure way. This is a great way to start up again the right way, managing clutter, protecting your information, and streamlining processes for your staff. Call us today, let’s talk about it.

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