Spring is right around the corner…

It’s that time of year again, and as we slowly get back to normal, it’s time to handle a few delayed issues. Of course, when it comes to those piles, bags and boxes of confidential paper you have, that has to be handled securely. Whether it’s your home or office, I think we can finally agree it’s time to tackle this issue.

Thankfully, here at ShredHelp, we can help. And when I say help, I mean we can completely take this burden out of your hands. Here’s how it works…

Our fully insured, bonded and uniformed staff will arrive and collect all the material for you, just point it out. They will then transport the material outside, to one of our waiting state-of-the-art mobile shredding trucks. And right there, on-site and in front of you – the paper is reduced down to confetti size and then off to our recycling center it goes. You will be presented with a Certificate of Destruction, your sensitive material has been securely dealt with, and you did your part for recycling/repurposing paper.

Call us today, don’t hesitate. Remember how you feel after a job well done?

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