Everybody is equally important…

At ShredHelp, we focus on your needs. We provide the same level of security and customer service to you, whether you’re a big financial firm in Manhattan, or a small hardware store in Queens. We value establishing relationships and having a wide footprint in our communities, across all organizational sizes.

We provide locked security containers that you can place in your office. Then, we come on a routine basis and shred the contents on-site in one of our mobile state-of-the-art shredding trucks. This service will provide a secure, convenient and cost effective way to handle your day to day proprietary information. Alternatively, if you only have a one-time clean-out of old files, hard drives (virtually any media material), we would be happy to handle that for you.

We have found that growing our business through word of mouth referrals and positive on-line reviews, is absolutely the most gratifying. We never get complacent, we focus on always maintaining the highest level of service.

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