There has never been a better time to save…

We know where you can go. Please visit our website at ShredHelp and save 20% off your service. It’s that easy, visit our website and get the code. You can call us directly or process your inquiry directly on our website.

This offer applies to everyone, small residential jobs or new business accounts. It can be for a once-off service, or ask about applying these savings to a residual automatic service.

To clarify, this is where you adopt a secure in-house shredding service. We place a security console or consoles in your office and visit on a scheduled route frequency, based on your volume. Let us give you a free consultation and help you determine what is the best course of action. This service is secure, efficient and cost effective. It will change your office environment for the better, trust us.

So give us a ring at ShredHelp and let us help you get organized and protected.

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