We all need protection.

It used to be that only higher profile companies would make sure they utilized on-site shredding companies to destroy their confidential material. As time progressed and the world kept getting more precarious, organizations of all sizes followed suit.

Understandably, private individuals are now becoming more concerned with how they handle their private information, i.e. receipts, tax returns – any documents/media that has any of their personal information on it.

The newest trend hitting New York and New Jersey have condo/apartment communities providing secure on-site shredding for their tenants. As we all know, using temperamental shredding machines to destroy our material is tedious, costly (who hasn’t purchased a shredding machine that constantly breaks and jams) and in many cases, doesn’t properly shred the material. Management companies are now doing 2 things – having locked consoles or totes on the premises for tenants to utilize or hosting shred days for their communities. Call us at ShredHelp today.

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