I never really know what to shred?

Need to know what specific materials you will want to make sure are properly destroyed. Here are guidelines for the types of documents…

  1. Any documents containing financial information
  2. Any documents containing personal information
  3. Any documents containing accounts information
  4. Junk mail (often contains personal information)
  5. Materials from schools, containing your children’s information

At ShredHelp, we are a local company with 5 star reviews, and we want to help take care of our community. These are dangerous times, and along with electronic data theft, protecting your data is paramount.

You would not want to leave anything to chance when it comes to you and yours, would you? There is a continually growing community of criminals that would love to access individuals personal information. Unfortunately, there are a wide variety of crimes that they can perpetuate with this knowledge. We can protect you, please call us today.

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